What are Custom In Ear Monitors?

Custom in-ear monitors are earphones custom made for your ears only. They provide excellent hearing protection, superb audio quality and a bespoke fit. To get your CIEM a number of stages are required. 

Whats involved?

Ear Impressions: A qualified professional will examine your ear, ensuring the impressions can be taken safely, takes ear impressions by placing a cotton or foam dam inside the ear canal to protect the eardrum and then injecting a  soft impression material into the ear canal. After 5 to 10 minutes this hardens upon which the impression and dam are removed. This process determines the fit of your CIEM so it is most important to get good ear impressions. We provide this service in house as we work with the manufacturers directly and know exactly what they require.

Design: Each brand offers a wide range of colours and designs to make your CIEM individual to you. This is decided when getting your ear impressions. The design is sent with your ear impressions to the lab for manufacture.

Manufacture: When the lab receives your ear impressions and your personal design a labour intensive build begins. Through a list of processes your IEM is hand built to your specification. When all is finished, checked and checked again your CIEM is returned to us for collection.

How do I decide which In Ear Monitor is best for me?

As the authorised dealer for all our brands we can advise you on all your options. We also have demonstration products available to listen to in our store.

How long does it take? Is there a Faster Option?

On average most manufacturers take 2 to 4 weeks from receipt of your impressions.Your CIEM is made in house by your chosen manufacturer. A rush build is offered at an additional cost. If this is required please discuss this when ordering. 

What materials are used?

The shells are made of hard acrylic plastic. It is the most durable and most hypoallergenic. 

What are ambient ports?

The ambient ports allow you to hear ambient sound outside of your CIEM. This is useful if you feel too isolated on stage. The ambient port affects the low end.

What if my Monitors need repair?

Please contact us if you think your Monitors need repair. We will discuss a number of trials to locate the problem. If we cannot solve over the phone the will ask you to send them to us for further analysis. If it needs to go to the manufacturer then their warranty cover will be implemented. Each manufacturer has their own warranty period under which your IEM will be repaired. If the repair is required outside of the warranty period we will agree a repair price with the manufacturer. More often than not a broken cable is the problem. A replacement can be purchased from ourselves.

How do I order Custom In Ear Monitors if I am not based in Ireland?

This is very straight forward. Please complete your order through our website. Get your ear impressions taken by an audiologist local to you. Send them to us. We will notify you when we receive them and we will then complete your order. If you have any queries please email us or call +353 1 905 5823.

Can I purchase VAT free? 

Yes. If you or your company is situated in the EU but outside of the Republic of Ireland and you have a VAT number you can make use of the VAT reverse charge mechanism. When ordering please email your VAT number to us and we will check it. If it is a valid VAT number there will be no VAT included in your final price (it will be changed to 0%). This will be shown on your invoice along with your VAT number and company details.