In Ear Monitors

Custom In Ear Monitors are for everyone. Whether you are a singer, musician, crew or just love listening to music having your own set of CIEM's is a must. Having earphones custom made for you provides excellent hearing protection letting you listen at lower levels, provides you direct sound giving all the detailed nuances we all love to hear and the benefit of having a design that is tailor made for you.

We are the Authorised dealer for Ultimate Ears, JH Audio and Westone in Ireland.

We have physical demo units of our CIEM's for you to try. We manage your order and the entire process including our professional advice, guidance on model selection and taking your ear impressions for free. We also offer a 30 day free refit. We can also provide a hearing test to provide you with a reference to look after your hearing in the future.

For more guidance and to find the right CIEM for you please click the products below or contact us.