Pricing & The Benefits of Hearing Music

Our Pricing

As the authorised retailer for JH Audio, Ultimate Ears and Westone we keep a clear pricing structure. 

All prices on our website are the final VAT inclusive price to you, our customer. It includes the following costs:

  1. The handling and shipping charges of your ear impressions to the manufacturers lab in the US, UK or EU.
  2. The foreign exchange rate fee’s for order payment.
  3. The handling and shipping charges of your CIEM’s from the manufacturer to Hearing Music.
  4. The processing and payment of customs import duty, VAT and the shipping companies fee’s admin fee’s.

With the compulsory costs as outlined above you will find our prices are like for like with the manufacturers website price. We review our website prices on a regular basis to ensure the correct exchange rate values from our bank are reflected in our pricing.

The Benefits buying from Hearing Music

  1. We manage the entire order for you.
  2. We take your ear impressions and ensure they are to the standard the manufacturers lab expectations. If you are sending us impressions we will assess them to ensure they are up to standard and advise if not.
  3. We advise you on each product to ensure you get the correct in ear monitor for you.
  4. We process all administrative elements of your order. Unless we have a query the only time you will here from us is with an update of your order.
  5. When your CIEM’s arrive to us we will invite you in to ensure the fit is perfect. We will ensure you know how to fit your CIEM’s. If a refit is required we handle this with the manufacturing repair lab on your behalf. You will be involved because its for your ear but shipping, communication etc. is handled by us.
  6. We are available to support you as soon as you start using your CIEM. From monitoring setups through to mix advice, we will ensure you get started correctly.

So we benefit you by managing the costs, the shipping and handling, the time taken to process everything, ensuring your order is processed correctly and support you after you’ve received your CIEM. 

Please contact us with any query:

Telephone:          +353 (0)1 905 5823


Address:              Hearing Music Ltd, Unit 16 Newtown Business & Enterprise Centre, Newtownmountkennedy, CO. Wicklow, A63 WT78, Ireland

Opening hours:  10-5pm Monday to Friday. By appointment only.