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Ultimate Ears UE SuperBax Cable With IPX Connector

Built to withstand the ​rigours of music touring.

The Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System is Ultimate Ears new cable and connector system built to handle everything a musician deals with nightly -- sweat, makeup, hairspray, humidity, set up, break down and travel.

All new Ultimate Ears monitors will be built with the Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System. The Ultimate Ears IPX Connection System is compatible with new cables sold by Ultimate Ears - the Ultimate Ears SuperBax Cable and the IPX Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Cable. 

The cable is designed and tested to be switched over 3,000 cycles. That’s a few years worth of connect / disconnect. The cable itself is waterproof and the connection system — where the cable plugs into the in-ear monitor via the connector— is rated IP67. The cable will not oxidize and turn green, and sweat does not bypass the IP67 gaskets in the connection system. 

Ear hooks are gone.
In analyzing all points of failure and service needs for tens of thousands of in-ears, it became clear that many issues could be traced back to the over-ear stiffening wire. Ultimate Ears decided to eliminate the ear hooks.This gives a new feeling of lightness and flexibility to the wearers, while also allowing performers with glasses to feel a new level of comfort and usability. By using the tightening cinch in the back of your neck, the wires are held perfectly in place over your ears without needing the ear hooks. 

The Ultimate Ears SuperBax is unparalleled in its quality and construction. It is a low impedance hi-fi audio cable that is: 

  • Silver plated copper litz wires  
  • Quad twisted – 168 strands 
  • Weight: 8-9g / 0.28-0.32oz
  • Impedance: 0.75 Ω
  • Pull strength of cable: 120 N/26lbs
  • Microphonics: Low 
  • Available in 50” and 64” lengths. It is only available in clear.
  • The UE SuperBax cable only works with the Ultimate Ears IPX Connector. It is not backwards compatible but your UE’s can be upgraded to the new cable system.

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