Ear Impressions

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Whats involved?

Ear Impressions

A qualified professional will examine your ear, ensuring the impressions can be taken safely, takes ear impressions by placing a cotton or foam dam inside the ear canal to protect the eardrum and then injecting a  soft impression material into the ear canal. After 5 to 10 minutes this hardens upon which the impression and dam are removed. This process determines the fit of your CIEM so it is most important to get good ear impressions. 


Each brand offers a wide range of colours and designs to make your CIEM individual to you. This is decided when getting your ear impressions. The design is sent with your ear impressions to the lab for manufacture.


When the lab receives your ear impressions and personal design a labour intensive build begins. Through a list of processes your IEM is hand built to your specification. When all is finished, checked and checked again your CIEM is returned to us for collection.

The importance of getting a good 'Ear Impression' cannot be stressed enough. This determines the seal and its fit maximises the IEM's sound quality.

As Ireland's Authorised dealer for the worlds leading CIEM and Earplug brands we conduct Ear Impressions for all of our products. By appointment only.

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