CENS ProFlex DX1 Custom Shooting Earplugs

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CENS digital devices are a lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable alternative to the ageing ear muff style of protection. CENS devices are custom-made to fit the individual contour of your ears.

The DX1 features a digitally optimised mode for general shooting.

The DX1 is available in a wide range colours. 


Single Mode Advanced Hearing protection The DX1 features a digitally optimised mode, fine tuned for general shooting, it boosts quieter sounds such as approaching birds and quarry to clear audible levels, giving you the edge on the competition. The DX1 offers all of the features you need at an affordable price, with the full earpiece colour flexibility available to the higher end models.

Digital Push Button is a feature that operates as a power button, making it easier than ever to switch your device on and off.

Low Battery Warning.

Volume Control.

Water-Shield adds an extra layer of protection to your CENS device. The Water-Shield bio-compatible coating is a highly durable "Teflon-like" amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects CENS devices from accidental liquid exposure.

Tested and Certified to EN353-2 and EN352-7 and are certified as PPE; they are also IPIL tested to ANSIS12.42-2010.

Custom Colours and Design available for each pair.

2 Year Warranty is supplied as standard.

Important Every user will have a personal preference to sound. For the best possible experience, you should take time to familiarise yourself with each mode in varying surroundings to develop your owen preference. All modes offer the same level of hearing protection (25dB SNR).


The CENS ProFlex DX Series is supplied with practical, stylish and deluxe packaging to protect & maintain your devices. The packaging also includes a CENS cap and sew on patch to show your support for CENS digital hearing protection.

  • Modules
  • Earpieces
  • 36 Batteries
  • Air Puffer
  • PureClean Gel
  • PureClean Wipes
  • CENS Patch
  • CENS Cap
  • Small Case
  • Carabiner
  • 2 Power Magnets
  • Large Carry Case
  • CENS Wallet
  • User Guide
  • Feedback Card
  • Warranty Cards
  • Presentation Box
  • Quick Start Guide

Requires Ear Impressions which we provide in house.